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On site phone systems

On site or standalone telephone systems are prolific across Australian businesses. These telephone systems predominantly use the Telstra PSTN, ISDN or Optus Multiline networks. As the National Broadband Network (NBN) is being built to take both Data and Voice calls, these systems will need to be either upgraded or replaced when the NBN is locally commissioned.

Cloudfuture currently sells and services the NEC and Avaya standalone range of telephone systems as well as a complete range of Hosted and Cloud telephone systems.


Hosted phone systems

An On-site telephone systems require complex and expensive hardware be installed and any changes mean onsite visits by technicians.  A hosted telephone system or Cloud PBX replaces all this with a more reliable software solution which resides in our data centres. Changes and new capabilities can instantly and rapidly be made via a simple management tool – no more expensive hardware maintenance or technicians required.  Hosted Telephony systems can be:

  • Cheaper than traditional PBX – reduces capital expenditure and removes maintenance costs.
  • Bundled PBX, access, voice services and handset solutions packaged into one simple monthly bill.
  • Accessed via a private, secure data connection which enhances the call quality and protects against hacking.
  • Fully redundant solution – multiple instances in different data centres means a Hosted telephone system or Cloud PBX is far more reliable than traditional hardware.
  • Cloud based so the service can follow you wherever you go – easily relocate your business.
  • An excellent solution for multi site businesses with single dial plans.
  • Can be accessed by your mobile phone softphone application.